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Curved glasses


The glass bending expertise of Tambest Oy belongs to the top class in the world. The competent staff and versatile production machinery guarantee the first-class quality of our products. 

The locations where curved glass is used are often technically challenging and several interdependent factors affect the fact is the glass available as curved. 

The result of our company’s development work have come several significant innovations like the bending methods applied to demanding spherical, conical and parabolic glasses. 

Our curved glass selections: 

  • laminated glass
  • insulated glass
  • tempered glass

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Curved laminated glass

Curved laminated glass protects from personal injuries; in the lowest protection class from falling and in the strongest class from bullets and pressure waves caused by explosions. 

The durability rating of glass is affected by size, bending angle and form. When the number of glass layers and films is increased, it is possible to build multi-layer glasses for various, demanding protection needs.

Curved laminated glass is available also as laminated tempered. In this way is simultaneously achieved the mechanical strength of the toughened safety glass and the resistance to temperature differences, as well as binding fragments  of the laminated safety glass.

Curved tempered glass

Tambest Glass Solutions offers the most versatile product range of curved tempered glass products available on the market. 

The strength of tempered glass is increased to approx. threefold compared with untreated glass.

The design is often based on the need for bigger curved glass surfaces, concealed fixing and structures applied without casement and framework. Thanks to better durability, safety and bigger glass sizes, tempered curved glass is a reasonable alternative for these challenging structures.

The safety characteristics of tempered glass are emphasized also when the glass is broken, when it breaks into small fragments without causing bigger wounds when getting into skin contact.


Curved insulating glass

Curved insulating glasses can be built using different structures, and this makes it possible to achieve several protective qualities such as sun protection, thermal and sound insulation and burglary protection. 

Curved insulating glasses are available curved into cylindrical, spherical, conical and parabolic forms.

Bending shapes


Cylindrical bending with flat parts

Spherical bending

Parabolic bending



Conical bending


Variable radius