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Established in 1984, Tambest Glass Solutions is one of the leading total suppliers of building glass products in Europe. We serve our customers flexibly and with high quality, according to their needs. We manufacture curved and flat safety glasses, depending on the protection need, laminated, tempered or laminated and tempered, and we deliver them, when necessary, including their structures installed in place – according to the turnkey principle. Until further notice, we provide the turnkey service only within Finnish borders.

Since its founding, the company has grown and developed its operations in a determined manner. In 2010, the company expanded its production premises located in Forssa to approximately 10 500 m², making simultaneously considerable machinery investments to make the production more effective and to improve quality. The top modern machinery and equipment and professional staff guarantee our customers flexible and accurate glass deliveries also to very demanding building projects.

Tambest Glass Solutions serves its customers both in Finland and in Europe. Via its cooperation partners, the company has also export to global markets. The company has at the moment approx. 65 employees. The company's production, sales and administration are located in Forssa.


Tambest Glass Solution consists of two strong Finnish pioneering enterprises of glass industry: Suomen Turvalasi Oy and Tambest Oy.

Suomen Turvalasi Oy was founded in May 1985. The original name of the company was Lounais-Hämeen Lasipalvelu ('Glass service of South Häme'). For the first few years the operation consisted of typical glazing business activities: repair glazing, changing of windshields, glazing contracting etc. In 2001 the company started the manufacturing of tempered safety glass and at the same time changed its name to Suomen Turvalasi Oy ('Finnish Safety Glass Ltd'), to illustrate more effectively the company's new product entity and expertise. In accordance with the strategy chosen, the company started in 2005 the manufacturing of laminated safety glass.

Since the founding of the company, its business activities have followed an upwards trend and been growth-oriented. In November 2008, Suomen Turvalasi Oy expanded its product portfolio by purchasing the business activities of Tambest Oy, one of the best known bender of architectural glass in Europe.

Since 1984, Tambest Oy has manufactured, sold and marketed demanding curved glass products to international markets. Ever since the company's founding, Tambest Oy has aimed at serving their customers in the best possible manner – according to their individual needs. For this reason, the company is known in the international competition field first of all as a reliable manufacturer of challenging glass solutions.

Tambest Glass Solutions Oy Ltd

After the extension of the factory building in Forssa was completed in spring 2010, the company's entire glass processing activities were transferred to the same location in Forssa. At the same time, the companies' business activities were merged even more closely together, and a new common name was created for the company, to correspond with the wider product and service whole.

Today, the company offers the most comprehensive product and service range available on the market. We manufacture flat and curved glasses, and when necessary, we deliver them with structures included installed in place – using the turnkey principle. Until further notice, we provide the turnkey service only within Finnish borders.


Tambest Glass Solution's innovative machinery and equipment, competent staff and genuine desire to serve customers facilitate the most versatile product and service wholes in the line. Therefore, our company has a wide clientele operating in various lines of business. Our most crucial customers are building contractors, glazing companies, manufacturers operating in different industries as well as manufacturers of balcony glass and glass balustrades. A major part of our customers are located in Finland or in Europe; nevertheless, we deliver demanding curved glasses also to global markets.


Production and production machinery

  • Production premises of approx. 10 500 m²
  • Flat laminating line, with the maximum size of 2600 x 4500.
  • Flat tempering furnace, with the maximum size of 2400 x 4200 mm.
  • Several bending furnaces for annealed and laminated glasses (maximum size 3200 x 6000 mm)
  • Two bending and tempering furnaces (maximum size 2400 x 4200 mm)
  • Several vertical and horizontal grinding machines.
  • Several automated grinding and drilling lines.
  • Three CNC machine tools (maximum size of 2600 x 5000 mm)
  • Insulating glass production unit for curved glasses, with the maximum size of 6000 x 3210 mm.
  • Four automated glass cutting lines.
  • Two autoclaves, with the maximum size of 6000 x 3210 mm.
  • Sandblasting line, with the maximum size of 2400 x 6000 mm. (blasting height 2000mm)
  • Machining unit for aluminium structures.

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